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UV Sanitizing Wand, Light Sanitizer

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Rated By 4.9/5 by 24,697 Happy Customers 

Rated 4.9/5 by 1030 Customers 

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  • Kills 99.99% of any harmful pathogens: bacteria, germs, viruses, mold spores and allergens using the powerful UV-C Light in just 20 seconds. SGS Lab-Tested. made in an FDA registered facility.

  • Reduces you and your loved one's chances of getting sick.

  • Used By Front Line Workers, Hospitals, Airlines, and Hotels

    in the United States. 

  • Save cleaning wipes and disinfecting chemicals. 

  • Sanitize and Re-use your Masks. 

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100% No Risk 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Rated 4.9/5 by 1030 Customers 

Rated By 4.9/5 by 24,697 Happy Customers 

These Common Items Are Threatening Yours and Your Loved Ones' Health?! Watch This Video To Learn How to Eliminate Any Harmful Bacteria and Virus !

The latest innovation in health technology, our UV Light Sanitizer™  is the newest hygienic solution to combat bacteria, germs, and viruses. Our UV Light Sanitizer™ is used

by front line workers, hospitals, hotels and restaurants around the USA during the pandemic. In 2020, our device is recommended by health professionals as the #1 option for

killing bacteria, germs, and viruses efficiently.

"Super Satisfied. I use it on the way to work, during work, and at home. Feel much safer now!" - Amanda S.

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Use UV Light Sanitizer Everywhere You Go!

Phone, Computer, Desk, Sofa, Car, Door Knob, Toilet, etc. (Use UV Light Sanitizer to clean on any surface and object)

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Our UV Light Sanitizer ™ is Laboratory Tested to Eliminate Up to 99.99% Viruses, Germs, and Bacteria  

uv light sanitizer, ultraviolet light sanitizer, uv sanitizing wand

Your health matters: this is the reason why Our UV Light Sanitizer™ is made in an FDA registered facility, and carefully approved by the world’s leading verification, testing and inspection company. 

* Please be extra careful: other websites out there are selling UV sanitizer wands that are not lab-tested. Operating a non-verified UV Light Sanitizer is dangerous, and puts your health and your loved ones’ at risk!   

Rest assured that our UV Light Sanitizer Wands are completely safe to use: they have the approval of the SGS and they have been thoroughly lab-tested. They have been developed and produced in an FDA facility to ensure your well-being is taken care of.  

And now, thanks to our UV Light Sanitizer™ many hospitals, fitness centers, hotels and restaurants, and airlines in the United States, Canada, and Japan are using our UV Sanitizer Wand to sanitize their environment during the pandemic.

uv light sanitizer, ultraviolet light sanitizer, uv sanitizing wand
uv light sanitizer, ultraviolet light sanitizer, uv sanitizing wand


How Does Ultraviolet(UV) Light Sanitizer  Work? 

Watch the video above ⤴️ 

1. Click the Blue Button to turn it on. 

2. Hold the UV Light Sanitizer Wand approximately 2-3 Inches from the surface and gradually move the wand over the entire surface.

3. Allow the UV Light to stay in each area for 15-20 Seconds to ensure optimum exposure, killing 99.99% of the germs and bacteria.

4. That's it! It's super easy.

You would need AA batteries to turn them on. It would last longer than 6 months even when you use it consistently every day. 

Why Do I Need a UV Light Sanitizer 

Ultraviolet Light is used in many hospitals to sanitize medical equipment. It's the most effective way to keep the environment and objects clean and disinfected. Your body can be contaminated by touching anything that has germs and bacteria. You may touch many things during the day - doorknobs, money, handrails, and more. And every time you touch your devices(phone and computer), you pass the germs from your hands to the device. In fact, the typical smartphone has 18 times the bacteria of a public toilet. It is easy to clean your hands, but it is hard to disinfect phone, computer, door knobs, and surfaces. That's why we created the UV Light Sanitizer. 

Is UV Light Sanitizer  Safe? 

UV Light devices are widely used in hospitals and are 100% safe. 

Can I Apply UV Light Sanitizer ™ On My Skin? 

No. You can only apply UV Light Sanitizer™ on objects and surfaces such as box, doorknob, computer, phone, desk, toilet, keyboard, etc. 

Does UV Light Sanitizer ™ Kills Viruses and Bacteria? 

Yes. Our UV Light Sanitizer ™ kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, germs, and molds. Ultraviolet(UV) light is used in the hospital to sanitize medical equipment, providing a clean and hygienic environment. 


Product Size: 266.66(L)x37.8(W)X41.84mm(H)/10.39” H x 1.5” W

UV-C Lamp Consumption: 4W DC Lamp

UV strength:  ≥ 2750u W/cm2

UV Wavelength: UV-C (253.7nm)

Sterilizing Rate: 99.99%

Working operation: 4 AA Batteries

FREE SHIPPING ACROSS THE USA 🇺🇸  ! Shipping Time: 5-7 days 

 Our shipping time is 5-7 days for prioritize shipping ! For normal shipment, our shipping time is about 7-10 days. (Updated: July 1st)

Due to the pandemic, some shipment will be slightly delayed. 

We know everyone is struggling during this pandemic so we are offering Free Shipping to all our customers even when shipping cost are skyrocket during this pandemic. 

We ship your orders from various international warehouses (US, Canada, & Singapore). Our stock is spread out over multiple fulfilment centers in order for them to get to you faster. 

90-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty

100% No-Risk Guarantee. We truly believe that our product can transform your current problem. However, if you are not completely satisfied with our product, return it within 90 days of receipt to receive a refund. You are also protected by our one year warranty. 

Protect Your Family 

Kids and Seniors have the highest risk of getting sick. Get them a UV Light Sanitizer ™ and protect them from germs and viruses. 

Why Choose UV Light Sanitizer™

UV Light Sanitizer ™

  • Made in an FDA Facility 

  • Lab-Tested by the SGS

  • Sanitize 99.99% bacteria within 10-20 seconds 

Other Brands 

  • Not Made in an FDA Facility 

  • Not Lab-Tested 

  • Takes minutes to sanitize completely 


Our UV Sanitizer Wand is made in an FDA registered facility. Registered in the category of: Ultraviolet Sanitation/Sterilization


Due to the global outbreak, we are offering Free Worldwide Shipping to all our customers. 


 If you are not fully satisfied with our UV Light Sanitizer™, then let us know within 90 days of purchase, and we will give you a full refund. You are also protected by the one year warranty. 

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90-Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee

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  • 99.99% Germs, Viruses Gone

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  • 1 Year Warranty 

7 Remaining.

90-Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee

World's 1st UV Light  Sanitizer Wand

Our UV Light Sanitizer 

 is widely used in hospital for a variety of purposes, killing bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Customer Reviews 


"I use this UV light sanitizer wand wherever I go now. I bought this UV-C wand because it is lab-tested and certified. Give me a peace of mind when the amount of illness happening currently. Thank you so much"

- Tim C. - Florida

"I use this device to disinfect my phone, computer, toothbrush, door knobs, desk, remote control.. literally everything. It so easy to use. Got two more for my kids"

- Emily C. - Los Angeles  

"I love this wand so much that I bought 3 more for my parents and husband. It is very easy to use and we feel much safer now as we sanitize everywhere we go "

- Sarah T. - Texas 

"Super Satisfied.  I use it on the way to work, during work, and at home. This UV Light Sanitizer is absolutely a game-changer "

- Amanda S. - Vancouver 

UV Sanitizer USA CEO

About Us

" In 1878, the sterilizing effect of the ultraviolet(UV) wavelength was discovered to kill bacteria and germs. Made in an FDA registered facility, our UV Sanitizer Wand is the only one in the market to be verified and recognized by the SGS, the world's leading inspection and testing company. We are trusted by many companies in different industries, including the airlines, hotels, and restaurant. 

 Our mission is to provide everyone a safe and clean environment no matter where they are. We have currently sold more than 100,000 units in the United States, and we believe our UV Light Sanitizer ™ is the solution to bring everyone peace of mind during this current situation"

David Wilson 

Founder of UV Sanitizer USA 

We are Helping

We are donating $1 to the American Red Cross for each UV Light Sanitizer sold.

"As we adapt our physical response due to the pandemic, we have provided hotel accommodations rather than opening emergency shelters. Since April 16, we’ve provided more than 23,700 overnight stays in emergency hotel lodging. We’re also working with public health officials to respond as needed to the ongoing threat of spring flooding, severe storms, wildfires and the above-normal hurricane season forecast for this year." - American Red Cross

uv light sanitizer, uvc wand, portable uv light sanitizer


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  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria, germs, viruses using ultraviolet light.

  • Reduces you and your loved ones chances of getting sick.

  • Small and Portable. Bring it wherever you go.

  • Join the 100,000 members who also use our UV Light Sanitizer.

  • Save cleaning wipes and disinfecting chemicals.

Join the 100,000 members who choose our UV Light Sanitizer to protect themselves during this global outbreak. 

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